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Subject: The Save Louisiana Coalition Press Announcement

For Immediate Release
Mike Lane, Vice President
(504) 858-0484
The Save Louisiana Coalition

Rumble In St. Bernard  

Fisherman & Coastal Residents Meet Garret Graves & CPRA

Fresh Water Diversions vs Dredging

St Bernard, Louisiana – Monday 06/17/2013 6:00pm
St. Bernard Parish Council Chambers
8201 W. Judge Perez Drive
Chalmette, LA 70043

Open to the public and the press


    With your mind of course.
   There will be a meeting on Monday, June 16th in the St. Bernard Parish Council chambers that may prove to be the most important event St. Bernard residents have ever attended. Thanks to Louisiana State Representative Ray Garofalo, who was largely responsible for arranging this event, the people of St. Bernard will have a chance to meet with Garret Graves and the CPRA, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.
     Citizens of coastal Louisiana, led by the Save Louisiana Coalition are fighting to have the river diversions removed from the Master Plan. They will be detrimental to our seafood industry and our communities as a whole. The Coalition is in full support of coastal restoration and most of the Master Plan; they would just like to see the unproven diversions replaced with dredging and land-building. Mr. Graves and the CPRA admit that these diversions will displace some residents and cause changes to our fisheries, but that these are acceptable trade offs to rebuild the coast. When these two groups get the chance to meet on Monday, the Coalition hopes to show the CPRA that there are quicker and more effective methods of rebuilding our coast that won’t risk our homes, our industries, or the heritage that southern Louisiana is so proud of.
      To find out more about the Save Louisiana Coalition, you can visit our website at, where you can sign their online petition or donate to the cause. Anyone who is involved in the seafood industry, resides in coastal Louisiana, has a business that relies on the the seafood industry, or just loves Louisiana and its culture should be at this meeting. It will permanently determine the future of St. Bernard and the surrounding parishes, for better or worse…

For more information on this event, please contact Mike Lane, Vice President of the Save Louisiana Coalition, at 504-858-0484 or
Deadliest Catch Wild Bill

Even Celebrities are coming on board! “Wild Bill”, skipper of the Kodiak on “THE DEADLIEST CATCH” learned of our cause and couldn’t help but join in!!




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